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The Judy Garland Webring is dedicated to bringing Judy's fan sites together. What is a webring? A webring is a community of sites linked together by HTML fragments. Anyone with a fan site can join the ring as long as it complies with the ring guidelines (below). Have a site you'd like to submit for inclusion in the ring? First read the submission rules, then click "submit your site" and fill out a short form. Then you must place the HTML fragment (it will automatically be e-mailed to you) on your site and e-mail the ringmaster, so that she may check your site and add you to the ring!









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Submission Rules:

  1. Any site submitted may contain NO bad language nor adult content. All sites in the ring must be safe for younger surfers!

  2. Please, no Oz sites. There are many other rings dedicated to The Wizard of Oz, so if you have and Oz site, please join one of them.

  3. No comercial sites or sites that are used for personal profit.

  4. The ring code must be placed in an obvious place on your site. Though it doesn't have to be on your homepage, you must make sure that it can be found easily.

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